Live Out Your Dreams

Everything begins with the vision that we create for ourselves– whether it being medical school, being an ultimate body builder, or xyz. However, we create this goal for ourselves, but we don’t execute upon them… why? Don’t let your dreams go to waste, be that person that you envision yourself to be.

Take the risk, and make the fall if it’s what you want, then it’s worth it all

I was immediately captivated by this quote the first time that I heard it. I distinctly remember talking to my aunt a couple of years ago expressing to her that I was afraid to take a chance on applying to this program in high school. She then uttered this phrase to me, and I have continued to live on it since. Nonetheless, sometimes, when we want something really bad, we begin to rationalize with ourselves on why you shouldn’t execute on that task. However, we have to remember that if it’s something that we really want, then we have to push the negative thoughts aside, and just go for it.