Hey There Fellow Explorers!

Thanks for dropping by! 

So, what’s your blog about?

Medicine: As a recent undergraduate student who’s currently in their gap year, my goal is to spread my knowledge that ambits from study skills to extracurricular activities. 

**Disclaimer: These posts are just advice based on what I went through in my journey, so whatever may have worked for me, may not work for you. With that said,  I encourage you guys to explore your preferred methods of studying, extracurriculars, etc. 🙂 

Lifestyle: Travel, Fashion, Health/Wellness, Inspiration

Travel/Lifestyle: Hence the name “Premed Explorer,”  I enjoy exploring around and seeing what the world has to offer. Through gallivanting through the world, I hope to capture amazing scenarios and share it with you all. As they say, we know so much about so little.

Fashion: This part of the blog is still under construction

Health/Wellness: I am very big on advocating living healthy lifestyle. It is imperative to consider what our daily habits consist of, whether it is through exercise or nutrition. My goal is to share some health/wellness tips that I learned throughout my life.

 Inspiration: Life is about experiencing both the highs and the lows. One of the ways that I conquer difficult days is by having someone tell me that it will be okay, and I’m here to do the same for you. My hope through this portion of my blog is to continuously remind all of you that you are capable of anything. 

If you guys have any questions, suggestions, etc., or even just want to say “hi,”  don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

Forever your explorer, 

Lyka C.