One Of The Most Effective Study Tips: Learn One, Do One, Teach One.

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We spend a countless amount of hours allowing our brains to permeate  important information. However, once the exam comes, we suddenly forget the information that we studied. Question is,  how do we retain these important information? My professors have always emphasized the phrase “Learn one, do one, teach one.”  I did not acknowledge the importance of this phrase until last year, which was my junior year of undergraduate. So what does this phrase mean?

1.) Learn One-

First thing’s first, learn the topic. Finding a method of learning  may vary due to the type of learner you are. With that in mind, are you a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a tactile learner? 

  • Visual learner They usually learn best by through pictorial/diagrams
  • Auditory learner They usually learn best by listening or repeating key phrases/terms
  • Tactile/ Kinesthetic learner They usually need to use their hands

** What I found most effective is to combine different learning styles. Therefore, I am a visual learner, but I also found it best when I used diagrams/writing things down (tactile method.)

Don’t know your learning style? Click on this link below.

2.) Do One

The second portion to this phrase is basically application. How do you execute the information that you learned below? Whether it being through basic research or shadowing, always remember to apply what you have learned.

3.) Teach One-

After completing the first two portion of the phrase, share the information that you have learned with friends or family. One way that I have done so was through group studying. Having different input on learning a topic is so beneficial because some information that your peers may have gathered may be different from what you have gathered. Nonetheless, having two heads is better than one.


Happy Studying!


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How To Prepare For An Amazing Week


amazing week

You get off of work on a Friday night, enjoy a nice weekend, then BAM, the weekend runs away from you. You begin to dread the thought of the incoming week, and then the cycle continues. So how do you actually break that chain and actually have an amazing week? Here are three main tips that I found most effective — The three R’s: Roster, Reflect, and Relax.


One of the most effective ways that I found really helpful is to plan your week on a Sunday night. By simply jotting down the date of the week with a goal for that week will truly help. With that in mind, use each day as a game plan to execute that goal. It’s basically living by that phrase, “Take smaller bites to finish a big pizza.”

2.) Reflect

It is so important to reflect on your days. The two most important questions to ask  yourself when moving through your days are:  “What am I proud of today?” and “What can I improve on?” It is  scientifically proven that self assessment can enhance performance.


3.) Relax

The last tip is to relax. There are about 10^11 neurons (100 billion) firing every second. Thus, it is so important to relax before a wonderful week ahead of you. Some ways that you can do so is either meditating or by reading a book. Once you are done, get some good night sleep and you are ready to take on the week.

What Being In A Competition Truly Teaches You


The thought of standing in front of about 1000 people, the challenge of juggling time, and  the constant “Are you ready for this competition?” These intangibles are definitely a nice formula to not being anxious or nervous at all. (Okay, that was a total lie.)

In any competition, whether it is pageantry, a sport competition, or being an applicant for medical school, pressure will always be tailgating you. However, understanding your purpose and knowing your why into entering this battle field will always help.  These are definitely the three lessons that I truly learned (and am still learning.) They are the following:

1) Know your 5 “W’s”

It is so important to understand your main purpose in doing what you are doing, especially because these questions help to remind you to continue and pursue your passion. In addition, these question will also help to establish the “big picture” and will hopefully lessen the anxiety.

1. Why are you doing this or Why is this necessary?

2. Who are you doing this for?

3. What will you gain from the experience?

4. Where will you put this information into use?

5. When will you serve your community with this information?

2) Find amazing mentors

Have you guys ever heard the phrase “The more minds put together, the better?” This statement is so important. Mentors are always there to guide you and help to make a better version of yourself. Throughout my competition, I am so blessed to have wonderful mentors as they allowed me to alter my perspective in life. As they say, “you are the people that you choose to let into your heart.” I owe all of my achievements to not only my loved ones, but to my mentors as well.

3) Always make the most of what you have

Before the competitions, I was the type of gal who would avoid plans due to fear failure. From that I have learned that there is no such thing as failure. It is inportant to surpass your boundaries especially in a competition. With respect to that, knowing that you gave 5000% in everything that you do defines a whole new level of achievement.