Food: Review

Hong Kong was definitely a trip that is worth remembering– the people, the places, and most of all, the FOOD.  I must say that because I am a pescatarian (my diet mostly consist of seafood– I don’t eat poultry), it was pretty challenging obtaining fresh produce. Nonetheless, the food was pretty ah-may-zing!! Although we can get some Chinese food down the street from where we are, it just feels different eating an authentic meal from Hong Kong. Here are a couple of foods that I tried out

  • Custard Buns-


To be honest, out of all of the foods that I’ve ate in China, this one was my favorite (and look how cute they are!)

  • Moon Cakes


There are different types of mooncakes, but I’ve only tried the egg white with the paste. It  was pretty good, I can’t attest to the taste the different mooncakes, but overall I heard that most of them were pretty rich

  • Pineapple Buns 


  • Snake Soup


The soup was pretty good– it actually tasted like curry broth.

  • Fish Ball Noodles


  • Marshmello Banana Toast


  • Bean Soup


  • Tofu Pudding

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.21.24 PM.png

  • Egg Tart

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.22.11 PM

  • Egg Waffle


  • Hong Kong French Toast

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.25.45 PM

The only difference between Hong Kong French toast and American French Toast is that Hong Kong French toast taste more savory than sweet.