Live Out Your Dreams

Everything begins with the vision that we create for ourselves– whether it being medical school, being an ultimate body builder, or xyz. However, we create this goal for ourselves, but we don’t execute upon them… why? Don’t let your dreams go to waste, be that person that you envision yourself to be.

Take the risk, and make the fall if it’s what you want, then it’s worth it all

I was immediately captivated by this quote the first time that I heard it. I distinctly remember talking to my aunt a couple of years ago expressing to her that I was afraid to take a chance on applying to this program in high school. She then uttered this phrase to me, and I have continued to live on it since. Nonetheless, sometimes, when we want something really bad, we begin to rationalize with ourselves on why you shouldn’t execute on that task. However, we have to remember that if it’s something that we really want, then we have to push the negative thoughts aside, and just go for it.

What’s In Your Carry On?

Neck pillow- Check                                                                                                                      Traveling  blanket- Check                                                                                                                          Sleeping mask- Check                                                                                                              Passport and wallet-Check

Is there anything more to include in our carry on? Since traveling is more popular during this time of the year, I thought that it will be helpful to scrounge up on a blog post on items that will make long flights and layovers less agonizing.

A. Toiletries–  


Sometimes our flights may be too long to the point where we may feel uncomfortable. Here are a few list that may ease that feeling.

  1. Tooth brush/tooth paste
  2. Dry shampoo/ hair brush I usually use the “Perk Up” dry shampoo from Sephora. The best thing about this product is that it can be used with any type of hairstyle (curly, straight, etc.). But any dry shampoos will definitely do.
  3. A pair of clothes/underwear

B. Entertainment-


Whether it being a book or, an iPad, having some sort of entertainment will help to kill up on time. Plus, it will definitely give you sometime to catch up on readings or shows.

C. Skin Care-


  1. Moisturizer/Sleeping Masks– A change in cabin pressure and reduction in humidity levels takes a toll on your skin causing it to become more dry and dull, which is one of the reasons why it’s essential to carry a moisturizer or a  sleeping mask. The moisturizer that I use is the Neutrogena Hydro boost and the sleeping mask that I use is the water sleeping mask by Laneige.
  2. Chapstick/ Lip scrub– Not only does the skin get dry, but the lips too can peel and dehydrated.
  3. Makeup Wipes– I know that prior to our flights, us gals usually come in to the airport with a full face or at least with some makeup on.   




  1. Teas- Traveling to different areas, especially abroad may allow us to have motion sickness. Thus, teas do help to alleviate this feeling
  2.  Food Some airlines may not offer complimentary foods, so having maybe a box of granola in your carry on or some sort of snack will especially help with budgeting.
  3. Medication– I won’t elaborate on why this is important, but some medications  that has helped me, especially with long travels are the following: Tylenol, Nausea, Vicks, and a first aid travel kit
  4. Surgical Masks I definitely have to thank one of my good friends for this idea. Surgical masks are definitely helpful in the prevention of illnesses and for the prevention for embarrassment. Although an airplane uses a HEPA filter that helps with ventilation, it’s still not enough as microbes are still being transmitted by airborne droplets. Thus, as we don’t have enough spacing in an airplane at times, close contact is more conducive for a person to transfer these microbes. Secondly, by using a surgical mask, no one will be able to tell if you were drooling

Now knowing the benefits with these items, you can now put a “check” and place them on your carry on. Happy Adventuring!


Feeling Lost Can Mean Being Found

The title does seem to be a bit paradoxical, but it does seem to be true. Feeling lost can absolutely be your guide to what you want in your life.  I’ve been contemplating about writing this post, maybe because I thought that I had everything all planned out, but nothing ever goes accordingly to what was planned in life.

During this past semester, I haven’t been happy with myself– I have been isolating myself from loved ones, neglecting some commitments, and just straying away. My reason for being is because I felt like when I look at these activities, I feel like I have been disappointing myself. I’ve always been the type of person who plans out everything from head to toe… haha yes, especially during my days. This past semester, however, I just felt a bit lackluster in life… I don’t know if it was senioritis, or anxiety, or just uncertainty. I didn’t intend on taking a year off to get into medical school, but I my plans changed.

Now that the seamster is coming to an end, and graduation is right around the corner, there are so much introspection that I am doing. For those of you who have been feeling lost, just know that you are not alone. Everyone feels like this at one point in their life, but don’t let this emotion consume you or get the best of you. So, here are a couple of things that I found to kind of help me get out of this obstacle.

1.Shifting your mindset

You know that common phrase that everyone tells you, “Your mindset dictates your actions.” Honestly, this statement is pretty accurate. If you tell your self that you’re not good enough, then definitely you begin to think that you are not worthy enough to accomplish certain tasks. Obviously that is a lie because you were not placed on this earth to just be “average.” In order to rectify all of these negative thoughts, look at inspirational quotes, listen to podcasts, anything. In all honesty, whatever situation that you encounter, you are in charge of every situation, and how you handle these situations boils down to your mentality.

2. Reconnect with your past self

What hobbies do you enjoy? Did you stop, if so, why? When you’re in the situation of feeling lost, reconnect with your self by looking back at the hobbies that made you happy. Maybe this could be one of the ways that sparks up your happiness again… who knows?

3. Listen to your third eye or your “higher self”

Assess the reason why you feel lost in your life, and let your intuition guide you on your next move. This is definitely a time in your life where you have to block out all of the noise around you, and just listen to yourself. Thus, you know yourself better than anybody else.

All in all, feeling lost is normal in life. It could stem from plans changing in life, feeling unhappy with your current situation, or just wanting to discover more of yourself. With that said, the feeling of being lost is only temporary. I strongly believe that the beauty of life begins when you create it.




My Two Cents for Underclassmen

“I wish I had known this while I was in undergrad,” is a common phrase that we all tell ourselves as we reach our last year of school. As graduation rolls around the corner, I can’t help but reflect on some of the things that I could have done during my first three years of undergraduate. So here are some pieces of advice I have for you guys: 



1.  Playing A Sport-

Why not play a sport If you enjoy participating in a certain type of activity, such as running, or playing tennis? I was always fond of running, but it didn’t occur in my mind to join the cross country team. Had I known that I enjoy this activity so much, I would have definitely done it. I think one of the aspects that hindered me from joining a sport was not knowing enough information about it. If you guys are interested in joining a sport, definitely talk to someone who plays that sport to get an idea of how their lifestyle is like.

2.) Seeking Out Resources-

A phrase that I have been hearing a lot for the past couple of semester is, “ “If there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way.” We are filled with so much opportunities, and the matter of fact is utilizing advisors, mentors, and professors to help guide you. Honestly, my biggest regret in this portion was not allowing people to help me (kind of a bad move.) I was always the type of person who was like, “I can handle everything myself.” While this can be a good mindset, it is definitely important to seek other people’s help. 

3.) Establishing a Good Group of Friends In School- 

As extroverted as I am, I always isolated myself (haha yes, I do have friends), but I wish I connected more with my peers, especially within the science division. What I mean to say is to always find at least two friends from the same division that you are in because you can not only help each other out with the materials that you guys are struggling with,  but they too know the struggle of being in that major. 

Nonetheless, absorb anything and everything that you can. Don’t be afraid to try anything new. College is hard because it pushes you to surpass your comfort zone, so do everything that you can to make it memorable. 


Food: Review

Hong Kong was definitely a trip that is worth remembering– the people, the places, and most of all, the FOOD.  I must say that because I am a pescatarian (my diet mostly consist of seafood– I don’t eat poultry), it was pretty challenging obtaining fresh produce. Nonetheless, the food was pretty ah-may-zing!! Although we can get some Chinese food down the street from where we are, it just feels different eating an authentic meal from Hong Kong. Here are a couple of foods that I tried out

  • Custard Buns-


To be honest, out of all of the foods that I’ve ate in China, this one was my favorite (and look how cute they are!)

  • Moon Cakes


There are different types of mooncakes, but I’ve only tried the egg white with the paste. It  was pretty good, I can’t attest to the taste the different mooncakes, but overall I heard that most of them were pretty rich

  • Pineapple Buns 


  • Snake Soup


The soup was pretty good– it actually tasted like curry broth.

  • Fish Ball Noodles


  • Marshmello Banana Toast


  • Bean Soup


  • Tofu Pudding

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.21.24 PM.png

  • Egg Tart

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.22.11 PM

  • Egg Waffle


  • Hong Kong French Toast

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.25.45 PM

The only difference between Hong Kong French toast and American French Toast is that Hong Kong French toast taste more savory than sweet.


When Life Just Becomes Too Much

We all see articles about “burnout” or patients talking about anxiety/depression/etc, but it’s so different reading and hearing these things when we actually become the patients ourselves. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I chose to dedicate this post to you all who are feeling burnt out.

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. My head is currently whirling around. Currently, I am studying for the GRE, working in the hospital, taking 7 classes (ugh why did I do this to myself), all in the while just trying to live. I wish I was one of those people who can just check mark everything that they have been given and do it 100%. I’ve always had the tendency to take on more than I can, and now it is biting me in the butt– hard. This semester was truly one of my biggest wakeup calls because I finally accepted my limit.

I’ll try not to make this post as too platitude from other posts that you all can find on the internet. Here are just a few pieces of advice that I’d like to share from what I have experienced:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.45.27 PM

1.) Be Honest With Yourself

I wish I took a look at my schedule in the beginning of the semester and actually sat there to think about how much time I would be able to devote to studying, working, etc.Because I didn’t get the chance to do this, I am modifying my schedule bit by bit to see what extracurricular activity I can toss on the side and go back to later (maybe sometime next semester or so)

2.) Physical Activity

I enjoy being active (dancing, running, lifting weights… you name it.) I also feel that being in a bikini competition helps me to take out my daily stress and fuel it into something else.

3.) Finding A New Hobby-

People usually say that when you’re lost, it’s usually the time where you need to find new activities, find new skills to learn– to help you cope with anxiety, to help you with your stress. Drawing, reading, painting, whatever it is, you just need to find some sort of way to be, well… you.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.43.02 PM

Nonetheless, life is meant to challenge you, to mold you and to help create a person capable of greatness. Know your limits and be that person of greatness.

Balancing Extracurricular Activities With School


As pre-health students, we’re often swamped with multiple activities going on in our life that we sometimes forget to take a breather, so how do we keep trudging on? Here are a few things that have helped me along the way:

1.Ranking your activities-

“How is this going to help me in the long run?” This is one of the biggest question that I usually ask myself when I’m torn between certain activities/commitments. Sometimes I take on too much for myself (haha my friends know this about me– such a bad habit) that I get overwhelmed. So ranking the activities that you on which is the most important to you will absolutely help.

 2.) Deferring activities-

This basically extends to #1. Given a certain amount of time within the semester, break down the activities that you have then assess the amount of time that you can devote to. With that said, are you able to defer some activities until next semester? That will definitely make your shoulder a lot less lighter.

3.) Connecting with your loved ones-

What usually helps me when I feel like my walls have broken is by checking in on my loved ones. Who knows they may be in the same boat as you, and may need your presence?

Nonetheless, school is a priority, extracurricular activities is a priority, and work is a priority–but, don’t forget that your health is also a priority.

Forever your explore,

Singature Blog

THAI-ing for this place

My love for elephants, meditation, and Thai Food are just a few aspects that drove me into taking a trip to Chaing Mai. The people, the culture, and the activities are definitely an experience of a life time. Here is a couple pictures that gives you a glimpse of Thailand.

(P.S: Food will be featured on a different blog post)

  1. “Say Wat?”

Fun fact: You can locate a wat that is within a distance of 200 meters apart from each other. The most popular  Wat that you need to check out is the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Liam, and Wat Chedi Luang.


  1.  Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Oh man, you guys! This was one of my favorite activity that I have partaken in Thailand. This program tour activity basically gives you a brief overview of what elephants are like. The plus side to this is that you can bathe and feed the elephants! It was sooo awesome!!

Check out the link below:



  1. Night Bazaar/Market-

I don’t know what it is, but in Asia, there’s usually a tradition in what they call a night bazaar, which is similar to a Farmer’s Market. It’s basically  where you can bargain for high-end items at a cheap price.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.05.43 PM.png

Although four days was a wee bit short in Thailand, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Learning about the culture through areas, food, and activities are what made this trip a gem.

For more information about Chiang Mai, check out the following links below:

Forever your explorer,

Singature Blog

Chinese Medicine Experience

I’ve been introduced to Chinese Medicine at a young age, but have not fully grasped into the theory and practice. This summer, I was given a wonderful opportunity to be in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department in Hong Kong. There are so many things to learn in Chinese Medicine, but I will write about some of the diagnosis/treatment that I was mostly exposed to.


**disclaimer: I won’t elaborate upon the theory as I have only experienced Chinese Medicine for a brief amount of time. But check out the link below that goes more in-depth. My professor actually recommended the website to me.

1.Yin and Yang Theory:
Okay, so generally the Yin and Yang Theory solely focus in on balance between one another. Yin is seen as brightness or femininity, whereas yang is seen as darkness, or masculinity. The yin and yang theory then evolved into the different elements: wood, water ,fire, earth, and metal. From there, if there is an imbalance of the yin and yang, then the organ has an excess of function, which throws off the five elements. With that, Chinese Medicine aims to either tonify the yin/yang (whichever the disease stemmed from) or dispense it.

2. Illness Theory:

The Chinese Medicine Theory about illness is similar to the western medicine theory.
illnesses theory from the Chinese Medicine usually derives from certain aspects, such as: diet/nutrition, trauma, incorrect treatment, etc.



Tongue– The tongue is definitely the biggest diagnostic factor. With that TCM Practitioners identify the type of illness that an individual can have based off of the color, shape, and texture of the tongue.




Before I dive into the purpose of acupuncture, I’ll just briefly go over the main organs that Chinese Medicine focuses on, which are the following: liver, heart,kidney, lungs, and the spleen. In order to treat a patient with acupuncture, TCM practitioners usethe human body merridiam to detect to focus on where the needles should go. For example, if a patient has GI problems, the acupuncture needles would mostly focus in on the merridium that mostly connects to the Liver, Heart, and Kidney.


Bird Seed Acupressure:

This treatment is definitely similar to acupuncture where a location of acupressure is identified.


(I won’t elaborate on this since it’s pretty common)

Slapping of the knee
This method is used to improve circulation. In Chinese Medicine, it’s used to improve blood circulation. So a patient would come in, and the TCM Practitioner would slap the area where it i





This was pretty interesting watching the TCM pharmacist make their own medicine. The method of processing the ingredients and turn it into a herb was pretty interesting. First off, they were given a list of ingredients to make, such as dried longan, dried leaves, etc, and then weigh them together (similar to weighing powder), then they would boil them together, put it into a plastic, then have their patients pick it up.

Overall, shadowing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department was an eye-opening experience. It taught me more about what a huge part culture plays into medicine. If you all definitely get the chance to, I would definitely recommend shadowing a TCM practitioner. Also, check out the link below to learn more about Chinese Medicine.