How to Make The Most Out of Your Layover


Ah a new country and a new state to explore with a long layover, the joy! You question yourself, “can I actually see more than one place during this trip?” Heck yes, you can! Here are some tips that I have for you guys if you plan to explore a new country within a short period of time:

Alright, say that you have X amount of hours to explore another country, or city, what do you do? Okay, before you have a lyover at a certain country, or even a certain place, proper planning and listing definitely helps.



A.) Plan

Okay, first step is definitely taking the following questions into consideration:

  1. How will you travel? Is it grab/uber, metro?
  2. How much time do you have? First things first, definitely look at the time that you need to be back at the airport (I would say approx two-three hours before depending on whether you are flying internationally or domestically. Secondly, determine the amount of time that you want to spend within the places that you want to visit.
  3. How safe are the places that I want to visit? Is it around a safe neighborhood?
  4. How much do I want to budget for the places that I want to spend? Or my budget in total?

B.) List

Next, is there a specific place that you want to check out in that country/state? For instance, a certain type of food that you can try, but can only be found at a certain location? Or go shopping? Or take pics for the gram? Once you’ve established that, list the places that you want to see in order, according to your priority.

C.) Research

1.)How far apart are the places that you want to see within each other? Are they a 15 minute metro ride? Or a 5 minute grab/uber ride? 

2.) Is there a line within these tourist areas that you want to see? For example, say that you want to grab a famous sushi roll, but the line to obtain that sushi roll is about 45 minutes. On a scale of one to important, how important is it to get that sushi roll to you? If it’s a “OMG I will die it I don’t obtain it,” then possibly going there first?” If not, then hey, can explore other options right? 

All in all, you can definitely make the time to explore when you have a layover. Though it may be a bit short, it is definitely is a good way to see the country, and authentically try their food, no?  Anyways, Happy Exploring!

Forever your Explorer,

Singature Blog