Finding Yourself When You’re Out of Your Comfort Zone

Throughout a couple of my posts, I’ve written one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed traveling. One of them being discovering your place in the world, begin to compile every aspects of the puzzles in the world, and discover how the world may work, and to thus begin to discover the beauty in humanity.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m still set forth in this phrase, but once we begin to get lost in the ways that we’re familiar with, we can actually get lost ourselves… I mean, quite paradoxical, isn’t it? We all yearn to actually discover something new, but sometimes we just want to regress back to the comfort of knowing what is familiar.  In other words, we want to just run back to our past lifestyle. So, how do we deal? How do we shift our mindset to not revert back to our familiar ways?

  1. ) Okay, take this time to GET YOUR SHIIII TOGETHER– as recent undergrad students, let’s be real, we’re still new to this whole adulting thing– I mean while many of us have gotten part time jobs in and took classes, now is our time to actually find something with our degree, to actually voice out and discover who we are in this world.
  2. Always stay vigilant- Okay, so where ever you go in the world, people can take advantage of you, especially in Industrializing country, say the Philippines.) I mean I hear so many stories (and have witnesses some) where if you don’t speak the language that is used in that country, people can actually let you pay more than you expected, or even fall into a situation that is beyond worse than that.
  3. Goals Goals Goals- Okay, so Why did you move? What did you expect was going to happen? What did you want?
  4. Always be open to new things– And sometimes, when you least expect it, you’ll be dropped into new experiences and meeting new people that you wouldn’t think that you have met.

Also, a good friend of mines who also has a blog ( wrote a couple of advice are super helpful, which are the following:

  1. Never EVER rely on those who say they’re “going to help you.” A lot of people want to “help you,” but very few will follow through with that help. Consider it a lesson learned, and move on. Have a backup plan!
  2. You will discover who your real friends are when time difference becomes a factor.
  3. Some of your loved ones will never ever understand your journey/struggle – It’s ok.
  4. YOUR mental health and YOUR physical health should be at the top of your priority list – be selfish during this time. Get rid of those who don’t contribute to either one in a positive way.
  5. Take this time to GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER
  6. People take advantage of foreigners a lot, lol.
  7. Learn to embrace all negative emotions and never feel bad for feeling it – cry, isolate yourself, sleep all day, whatever. But THEN, create an action plan on how to move forward and grow.
  8. Find something exciting to do (even if it’s just ONE thing)
  9. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY. Don’t just trust everyone, lol. Even if they’re AMAZING.
  10. Dude, just fail. Who fuckin’ cares? I’m 22. If I die tomorrow, I died doing something I can talk about in heaven. If I die in 65 years, then GREAT! I have 65 more years to pursue ALL MY OTHER DREAMS.

All in all, it’s definitely normal to miss the way that you used to live, to miss the people that you were constantly with, and miss the things that you once had. Sometimesbeing somewhere different doesn’t necessarily mean to be lost, but more of a way to discover yourself– to find more of “you.” Happy Exploring!


Forever Your Explorer,

Singature Blog