How to Travel the World While On A Student Budget

img_8615“You’re only a student, why are you traveling so much?                                                      “How are you able to do this? What do you do?”

The answer to these questions are found below. Many people think that just because you’re a student, it’s impossible to travel so much, and that’s absolutely false.  Although money is an important factor, don’t limit yourself just because you may not have enough in the bank at the moment. I mean make sure that you have enough funds to sustain you, but don’t lose out on opportunities. There are plenty of resources and opportunities that you can do to help you gear for a trip, here are some things that have helped me:

1. )Set a goal for yourself

There are so many ways that you can break this down:

* 50/50 Rule- State a certain goal for yourself, and stick to it. For instance, putting 50% of what your paycheck in the bank, then using the remaining amount of money for necessities (gas, grocery, extra necessities like eating out.)

*Using the 50/20/30 Rule-  This basic rule was stated by Senator Elizabeth Warren, which ultimately states to divide our income. Therefore, spending 50% on necessities, 30% on desires, and allocating 20% into our bank.

2.) Tracking It 

After setting your goal, it’s definitely important to be able to track the amount of money that you spend.  Simple things like using an excel sheet or even keeping a notebook for budgets, or even some apps like: Daily Budget, Mint, or Homebudget

3.) Seeking Help

*scholarships Most organization that you plan to do a research abroad, a mission trip, or even a project abroad with are in favor of you. Therefore, most program are gladly willing to help students who want to partake on these activities. If it’s not advertised, don’t hesitate to contact them. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your home institutions if they can help fund for your trip.

*allocations from family members/local businesses This too is also helpful if you come from a really close community with other people or even come from a huge family. Simply tasks by asking Aunts and Uncles or even small local businesses may be willing to help. As a token of appreciation, bring them a small gift, like food or a key chain. The bottom line with seeking outside help is to ask organizations or people in your family for help.

Nonetheless, it’s definitely not impossible to  galavant the world while you are a student. With careful planning and budgeting, anything is extremely possible