Feeling Lost Can Mean Being Found

The title does seem to be a bit paradoxical, but it does seem to be true. Feeling lost can absolutely be your guide to what you want in your life.  I’ve been contemplating about writing this post, maybe because I thought that I had everything all planned out, but nothing ever goes accordingly to what was planned in life.

During this past semester, I haven’t been happy with myself– I have been isolating myself from loved ones, neglecting some commitments, and just straying away. My reason for being is because I felt like when I look at these activities, I feel like I have been disappointing myself. I’ve always been the type of person who plans out everything from head to toe… haha yes, especially during my days. This past semester, however, I just felt a bit lackluster in life… I don’t know if it was senioritis, or anxiety, or just uncertainty. I didn’t intend on taking a year off to get into medical school, but I my plans changed.

Now that the seamster is coming to an end, and graduation is right around the corner, there are so much introspection that I am doing. For those of you who have been feeling lost, just know that you are not alone. Everyone feels like this at one point in their life, but don’t let this emotion consume you or get the best of you. So, here are a couple of things that I found to kind of help me get out of this obstacle.

1.Shifting your mindset

You know that common phrase that everyone tells you, “Your mindset dictates your actions.” Honestly, this statement is pretty accurate. If you tell your self that you’re not good enough, then definitely you begin to think that you are not worthy enough to accomplish certain tasks. Obviously that is a lie because you were not placed on this earth to just be “average.” In order to rectify all of these negative thoughts, look at inspirational quotes, listen to podcasts, anything. In all honesty, whatever situation that you encounter, you are in charge of every situation, and how you handle these situations boils down to your mentality.

2. Reconnect with your past self

What hobbies do you enjoy? Did you stop, if so, why? When you’re in the situation of feeling lost, reconnect with your self by looking back at the hobbies that made you happy. Maybe this could be one of the ways that sparks up your happiness again… who knows?

3. Listen to your third eye or your “higher self”

Assess the reason why you feel lost in your life, and let your intuition guide you on your next move. This is definitely a time in your life where you have to block out all of the noise around you, and just listen to yourself. Thus, you know yourself better than anybody else.

All in all, feeling lost is normal in life. It could stem from plans changing in life, feeling unhappy with your current situation, or just wanting to discover more of yourself. With that said, the feeling of being lost is only temporary. I strongly believe that the beauty of life begins when you create it.