Bikini Competition Reflection: Week 1

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Why do a bikini competition?

Okay, let’s face it, the amount of prepping, intense planning, careful budgeting, etc. are only a few factors that would make me run away from pursuing a competition. So why in the heck would I even join one anyway? To be honest, I have always enjoyed the journey of a competition: goal chasing, personal growth, and experimenting with what works right with my body. This post is basically a reflection of my first week into transitioning back into competition mode.

  1. Week One:

They always say that the first week towards any change is the hardest- a change of diet, a change of schedule– most of all, a change in lifestyle. This week was mostly about experimenting with a new type of workout with new dietary changes.

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Workouts: I have always trained with Alyssa (even during my time of the pageant). The only difference now is that I am lifting heavier and doing more HIIT workouts– so basically, military workouts. Truthfully, I have always enjoyed HIIT workouts, as I would say, allows me to release. The change from doing more of this type of workout though, is challenging because not only are you transitioning from doing different workouts, but also reinforcing discipline from all of the “I can’t”  to a “Yes, I can”

Food:The type of workout that I complete, the number of sets, etc, allows me to become hungrier than usual. With that being said, this first week was about altering my diet with more carbs and protein. Prior to this diet, I was pounding on a lot of processed foods (brownies, cakes, etc). In addition to that, I my kcal count from 1400 increased to about 2000 kcals. Energy wise, I feel that I work better within 2100.

Overall, my first week was pretty challenging getting back into the competition mode. Nonetheless, I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of a competition. It definitely reinforces self discipline in not only in the gym setting, but in everyday life. It has helped me to have a better grasp of my time and evaluate the important tasks that I need to accomplish.  Stay tuned for the whole journey (: