Eat Me Away


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There are so many thoughts of what a healthy meal or diet should be like especially when trying to achieve an ideal body shape. The misconception is that if you eat desserts, you will gain weight.– Which, that’s not necessarily the case. I’d definitely like to add on to this sentence: if eating desserts that go beyond your calorie range, then that will cause weight gain. 

Growing up, I was usually the “chunky cousin” or the “bigger girl” in the family. I actually did not mind these phrases, until I finally entered a competition. I felt as if I looked my best in that competition. As a result from that, I deprived myself from desserts and starches for a while year. Let me tell you though, the result was not pretty. I ended up binging on sweets to the point where I could not move.Desserts are not bad, but consuming too much of it is a different story.


Please please don’t be like me. Don’t restrict yourself from certain food groups. If you want to enjoy desserts, do it. Be kind to your body— most importantly be kind to yourself. Don’t allow food to dictate your life as how it did to me. You are stronger than you think. Happy Self Care Sunday, My Friends!