Quote of the week (06/24/18-07/01/18)


“Live a life of diversity, a diversity in thought and a diversity in perspective”


I scanned through this quote sometimes last week, and it definitely touched my heart. Reading upon this, I thought of  the word diversity. Whenever this term comes into mind, the first word connotation to this word that floods my head is open-mindedness. What I mean by that is  to analyze not only about who we are, but to have a bigger picture of the world that we live in.

One of the reasons why I chose to minor in psychology is to have a better idea in connecting with other people by understanding their background, and no I am not just talking about the Myers’s Briggs Personality Test, or a strength test. It’s moreso understanding an individual.  I strongly believe that  Everyone of us possess different gifts and talents to share with the world (I mean, why else are we not the same?)



Okay, now the big question is how does this quote relate to health care? Bouncing off of Hippocrates quote, “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity,”  gives us the ultimate idea of how diversity plays into this game.  As future healthcare providers, we’ll be treating numerous amount of people from different backgrounds. With that in mind, understanding who they are, what they do what they do is an important assessment that future physicians must take. For instance,  Filipino women (53.2%) are much more prevalent in hypertension than in Japanese women (37.2%).

Okay, now the question is, but why? Assessing their lifestyle factors (dietary habits, sleep habits, geography, and socioeconomics) gives us a better idea how their illness began.

Thus, surrounding ourselves with different people not only gives us a better understanding of how the world works, but also forming better relationships with other people.