How Do You Go Above and Beyond?

Application is a pivotal role when it comes to studying as it furthers our understanding of the material. So, how do we retain the information that we have learned from studying rather than having it go down the drain? Below are some tips in how we can apply these concepts and go above and beyond from what we have studied:

1. Reading

Studies have shown that reading is a way the improves cognition. This is because reading stimulates our thoughts, which basically “awakens” our intellect. Reading journal articles, or books even, can definitely help to explore different topics and thus would allow us to piece information together in a bigger picture (sort of like a puzzle)  Below are some websites that I found very helpful for me:

2. Checking out the daily news

This basically goes hand in hand with checking out journal articles.  Reading current news on health topics can definitely allow you to further employ what these topics actually mean. It can it also keeps you on top of recent health events. Below are some websites/apps that I found interesting:



  • Medpulse ( I really like this app because it constantly updates current health news every second)
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Info Health News
  • Science News Magazine
  • The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

3.  Shadowing/Research

What better way to actually apply these topics than to get a hands on experience in your desired health field. Also, I recommend checking in with your pre-med advisor and science major advisor to see what type of programs they may suggest for you.

4. Explaining key concepts to a friend –

This method is definitely helpful, especially if you’re an extrovert. In my previous post about studying techniques, I mentioned that teaching others about a concept can actually help you understand the material better. Explaining key concepts to others around you can also be a test in how well you are able to comprehend the material.


All in all, application is a vital step when it comes to studying as it helps you go above and beyond what you have learned.