Don’t Forget To Take A Breather

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We are given 24 hours in a day within seven days a week, and most of the hours that we spend are working. Sometimes when we work too much, we often have the tendency to “up and quit.” However, allowing ourselves to rejuvenate for at least one day will definitely enhance our focus and performance. Below are the following suggestions on what activities can be performed:

1.Enjoy the presence of your loved ones

During the middle of the semester, I usually have the tendency to isolate myself from others to the point where I drive myself crazy. Once you have a coppious amount of tasks on your agenda, it may be hard to spend some time with loved ones. However, there’s no better way to spend the day with your loved ones.

2.Explore your city’s gems

Randomly driving to different places and seeing a new sights is definitely amazing. There are so many hidden gems around your area, why not explore it? There’s always a story behind each scenery, get to know that story– who knows maybe once you end up meeting a new patient or a new friend, there could be a place where you two can bond talking about. We only know a portion of what the world has to offer, let’s  explore it!

3. Physical activity

We all have heard of the phrase that physical activity alters your emotions in a positive effect, but why is that? According to scientific literature, the main reasons for this is due to an increase production of endorphins, which is the neurotransmitter that helps you to focus better and put you in that positive state. Activities, such as backpacking, rock climbing, or even hiking are some examples.

4. Reconnecting with your hobbies

Usually when we are caught up with trying to balance school work, extracurricular activities, shadowing, etc., we often would lose a portion of our identity. Partaking on what you enjoy and what you realign with is some ways to boost up your day.

5. Reading

Simply checking out a new book or reading the latest scientific journal is a great way if you’re looking for a quiet day. If you are ever in need of trying to find new books to read, download the “good reads” app. It’s an app that suggests new books to read based on your preferred genre. I promise that once you download this app, you won’t be googling up “what to read” anymore.

When you ever have this tendency to “up and quit,”  take a step back and remind yourself why you are taking on these tasks.From there, take a breather– don’t feel guilty about taking off for the day.Once you are rejuvenated, you can get back to your routine. Thus, don’t forget that your health comes first.