There’s so much to do in a day, but with little amount of time. I don’t know about you guys, but this is definitely the biggest phrase that I always tell myself. In turn, I usually try to do everything at once leaving myself overwhelmed in the whirlwind of life (please please don’t do this.) This has definitely hurt me in the past. Here are some methods/tips that have helped me to dial down the emotions of feeling anxious or overwhelmed:

1. Be honest with yourself-

Sometimes when we have so much tasks to accomplish, we try to check those lists off all at once. One of the biggest challenges that I have encountered is have is thinking that I can conquer everything. During my sophomore year in college, I took on way too many activities, leaving me so stressed out. Acknowledging that we are not a superhero (no matter how much we want to be) is definitely the first step. Creating a goal for yourself within a week, and using each day to execute a task to reach that goal is definitely helpful.

2. Treat Yourself-

After a long day’s hard work, remember to give yourself an incentive. We all go through multitude of obstacles within a day.  Be proud of yourself for surpassing boundaries that you haven’t done, especially when you are frustrated. It’s okay to treat yourself, don’t be guilty in taking a step back to allow yourself to recuperate.

3. Timing yourself: The 50/20  rule

Throughout my life, my parents have always emphasized that time is gold. Whatever you do in your time is important, especially when it comes down to studying. WIth that in mind, there’s always that 50 minutes of studying and 20 minutes of having a break. There’s als this app called “pomodoro timer” that one of my professors have recommended me to use. This is a time management app used to disintegrate your work into intervals. (You all should get this app– it’s sooo beneficial!)

4. Don’t forget to squeeze in time with your loved ones-

Lastly, spend some times with your loved ones. I always had that mentality that being surrounded in social crowds was a distraction(it’s pretty ironic because I’m an extrovert.) However, I learned that isolating one’s self from friends and families could is not helpful as it may damage some of your relationships with others. Your friends and family are your pillars.  They are your biggest cheerleaders, so don’t forget to spend some time with them.

Nonetheless, we are all busy in trying to accomplish a multitude of “to do list,” but don’t forget to take a breather from life’s chaos.


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