What Being In A Competition Truly Teaches You


The thought of standing in front of about 1000 people, the challenge of juggling time, and  the constant “Are you ready for this competition?” These intangibles are definitely a nice formula to not being anxious or nervous at all. (Okay, that was a total lie.)

In any competition, whether it is pageantry, a sport competition, or being an applicant for medical school, pressure will always be tailgating you. However, understanding your purpose and knowing your why into entering this battle field will always help.  These are definitely the three lessons that I truly learned (and am still learning.) They are the following:

1) Know your 5 “W’s”

It is so important to understand your main purpose in doing what you are doing, especially because these questions help to remind you to continue and pursue your passion. In addition, these question will also help to establish the “big picture” and will hopefully lessen the anxiety.

1. Why are you doing this or Why is this necessary?

2. Who are you doing this for?

3. What will you gain from the experience?

4. Where will you put this information into use?

5. When will you serve your community with this information?

2) Find amazing mentors

Have you guys ever heard the phrase “The more minds put together, the better?” This statement is so important. Mentors are always there to guide you and help to make a better version of yourself. Throughout my competition, I am so blessed to have wonderful mentors as they allowed me to alter my perspective in life. As they say, “you are the people that you choose to let into your heart.” I owe all of my achievements to not only my loved ones, but to my mentors as well.

3) Always make the most of what you have

Before the competitions, I was the type of gal who would avoid plans due to fear failure. From that I have learned that there is no such thing as failure. It is inportant to surpass your boundaries especially in a competition. With respect to that, knowing that you gave 5000% in everything that you do defines a whole new level of achievement.