Hello My Fellow Explorers!

Hiii Friends!!

A big virtual hug for those of you dropping by ❤

So, I like to express  myself in four parts: The Student, The Explorer, The Fitness Enthusiast, and The Writer. So, come and journey with me through these posts.

“Explore whatever sets your soul on fire”


So, what’s your blog about?

The Student In Me

So, I’ve always loved to traveled (haha well in context of this blog “an explorer.”) Within that time, I’ve always been told, “You’re traveling, but aren’t you still a student?”  I swear my face draws blank in response to this every time haha.

Really though, so what if I’m a student? I totally get where the rationale of traveling and being a student can be a bit difficult, but it doesn’t necessarily  mean that it’s out of reach… Nothing is ever out of reach.

So, my goal for this portion of this blog is to advocate that it is possible to do whatever it is that you love, especially while you’re student. In fact, I think that you can do anything you set your soul on fire, plans just need to be taken accordingly.

**Disclaimer: These posts are just based on what I went through in my journey, so whatever may have worked for me, may not work for you. With that said,  I encourage you guys to explore your preferred methods of studying, extracurriculars, etc. 🙂

The Explorer

We know so much about so little, really we do. In fact, we’re all learners– about medicine, ourselves, the world, etc.

So my goal for this portion of this blog is to basically document my travels, and to share them with you. Hope that it encourages you all to see these beautiful places in person one day.

The Fitness Enthusiast

So, as a health nut and a future physician, one thing that I would like to emphasize is the importance on taking preventative measures. Though I do admit that I am a sweet tooth (I mean who can actually resist chocolates and ice-cream? props to you guys if you do– haha please teach me your ways) exercise and nutrition is the way to go.

So my goal for this portion of this blog is to basically document advocate living a healthy lifestyle (mind, body, and spirit.)

The Writer

ahhh soo, why are you blogging? I mean aside from the fact, that I constantly have thoughts ruminating in my head and need to write lol… I thought that writing a blog may help my fellow pre-med students/future colleagues out here as well. 🙂

So my goal for this portion of this blog is to basically document my journey (haha obviously), but to also share my perspectives about the world, medicine, etc.

Also, if you’re interested in publishing a blog post, just feel free to DM me, and would love to share a content from you. 

Enjoy the read!!

Forever You Explorer,

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